Starting in July of 2000 the founding members of Kist set out to launch a band worthy of the moniker “a tribute to Kiss.”
   The time is now and that initial vision has arrived. After years of diligence, including a nation-wide talent search, Kist has attained it’s initial goal and continues to strive for a show that keeps the fans asking for more.
    Basing it’s stage show on the unrivaled Kiss shows of the 1970’s, Kist derives it’s set-list mostly from the make-up era catalogue, but does add in a few "out of make-up catalouge suprises.
    Visually, the band prides itself on members that physically “fit” the part.
    Sonically, countless hours of study and rehearsal has helped hone the band’s razor sharp edge. A Kist show brings all the fire and magic one would expect at a Kiss show.
     Booking KIST along with proper promo ensures a "slam dunk" for your venue or event because their goal is to deliver the goods with every performance from load-in thru set-up, performance and after show meet 'n' greets.